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BrandPost: The Cloud – Is It More Secure Than My Organization?

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Apr 7, 2016.

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    Probably the biggest concern around cloud I hear over and over again is the security of public cloud services. You have the cloud advocates like myself, telling anyone who will listen that the cloud is more secure—there is more rigor, process, talent, and focus on security in multi-tenant cloud services than in most private organizations. Then you have the IT and security pundits telling you that it is more secure to stay out of the cloud and to not be connected. I also believe that this can be true, depending on your industry and needs.

    Truly the most secure posture you can have for cyber-security is to have no connection at all. As my dad says, “I don’t worry about viruses or spam because I don’t connect to the Internet.” Yes, he is a caveman. But for the 99% rest of us, the world is better, connected—our products are better connected and our businesses and organizations are better connected. We have to determine if that connectivity is more securely managed by ourselves or by others.

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