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BrandPost: Snow Blind: Visibility in the Whitespace

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Apr 15, 2015.

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    Boston is just beginning to recover from the snowiest winter on record. The snowman my son and I made in December was completely covered by the second blizzard in January. Just last weekend we found his hat, scarf, nose (carrot) and buttons (pebbles) all piled on the front yard. The poor guy had a hard winter; he didn’t even see it coming. Frosty was completely blinded by the 109 inches of white stuff that wouldn’t stop falling from the sky.

    It sometimes seems as if we as security professionals are going through the worst time in our history. Not caused by snow, but by cyber attackers. Despite increasing investments in security, breaches are still occurring at an alarming rate. Whether the result of attackers sending spear-phishing emails, nation states targeting organization’s IP, or insiders misusing sensitive data, we live in a world where prevention of breaches has become impossible.

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