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BrandPost: Little bits of security – Micro-Segmentation in Clouds

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Apr 12, 2016.

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    Cloud environments have made some things much easier for development teams and IT organizations. Self-service portals have cut down the amount of “hands on” intervention to spin up new environments for new products. Provisioning of new infrastructure has moved from weeks or days to minutes. One thing that barely changed with this transformation is security. But new techniques and tools are starting to emerge that are moving security to the next level in the Cloud. One of these technologies is called micro-segmentation.

    Traditional Data Center Security

    To understand micro-segmentation let’s first look at current data center security philosophy. Most security experts focus on creating a hardened outer-shell to the datacenter. Nothing gets in or out without logging it, encrypting it, and locking it down. Firewall rules slow malicious hackers from getting into the data center. With the increase of more devices connected to the datacenter, security experts are looking at ways to secure, control and authenticate all these connected devices Inside the datacenter, security measures are put into place to make sure that applications do not introduce security holes. Audit logs and incident alerts are analyzed to detect intrusions—notifying security analysts to lock things down. Security policies and procedures are created to try and mitigate human error in order to protect vital data. All of this creates a literal fortress, with multiple layers of protection from a myriad of attacks.

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