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BrandPost: How Would I?… Inside the devious mind of a security professional

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Mar 30, 2015.

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    Do you like a good movie about a bank heist? How about a jailbreak flick or spy story? If so you’re amongst friends. I’m sure we’ve all not only enjoyed these movies but also at times imagined we were the villains in them. After all, it’s a lot more fun pretending to be George Clooney robbing the casino in Oceans 11 than it is to be the one trying to safeguard the cash? (Note: This is just one example of the many situations I pretend I’m George Clooney.)

    Taking this a step further sometimes my InfoSec friends and I play the “How would I?” game. Most of the time we play this inside our own minds, but occasionally (almost always at a bar) we play it out loud with each other. The “how would I?” game involves hypothetical scenarios that involve some level of mischief. How would I get free food at this restaurant? (Hint: pretend you’re a popular food blogger). How would I sneak into a luxury box at the Super Bowl? (Hint: dress as a dancing shark). How would I catfish Scarlett Johansson into going on a date with me? (Seriously how would I? Asking for a friend). There are many more of these “how would I?” questions, some of which shouldn’t even be discussed out loud. Most security folks won’t admit it but the “how would I?” game is more commonplace, more mischievous, and a little more messed up than you would think.

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