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BrandPost: Cloud SLAs Can Overlook Security. Don’t Let Them.

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Jun 16, 2016.

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    Cloud service level agreements (SLAs) are common – but how well do they protect you, the customer? SLAs typically focus on performance, offering assurances of 99.9% or higher cloud service availability. But they often fall short in detailing how cloud service providers will secure and protect the data you place into the cloud. In essence, cloud SLAs are as much marketing tools designed to protect the cloud provider as they are guarantees for their customers.

    Certainly, cloud providers strive to provide highly secure infrastructure and operations. Oftentimes they can provide better cybersecurity protections than customers can within their own data centers. Still, in one survey of 1,200 IT decision makers, nearly 20% said they had SLA and other contractual issues with regard to cloud security. Nearly one quarter said they lacked good visibility into security incidents that occurred at their cloud service providers’ operations.

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