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BrandPost: “I’m sorry, I don’t speak security Klingon”

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Mar 24, 2015.

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    Recently, I was speaking with a customer who told us their company’s top priority for the year was increasing their information security capabilities. Their biggest competitive advantage like many other organizations we speak with was their “secret sauce” (in their case this is somewhat literal) and their Board realized that protecting these secrets needed to be their top priority. As a response the security team and their brand new CSO were pushing really hard to build out a Security Operations Center (SOC), which was absolutely the correct approach given their situation. In the room were several management and executive level folks, one of whom was their top security analyst and someone the CSO was leaning on as their “right hand man.” You know the type, and probably work with someone just like him or her. We often refer to this person as the technical “rockstar.” In this meeting he stuck out more than a Fed trying to blend in at DefCon.

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