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Book Report: Future Crimes

Discussion in 'Network World' started by RSS, Sep 23, 2015.

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    Future Crimes by Marc Goodman details the dark side of technology, examining how new technologies are used and abused for criminal purposes. In just under 400 pages, Goodman provides some basic historical background on computer security and then guides the reader through a cybercrime journey spanning consumer, industrial, medical, and various other technologies.

    Fair warning to prospective readers: the story isn’t pretty. The author starts with a wake-up call about data privacy and how a plethora of companies like Facebook, Google, and OkCupid, and the $150 billion dollar data broker industry regularly collect, sell, and abuse user data. Future Crimes also explores the current derelict world of cyber peeping toms, bullies, revenge porn, and extortion. While these crimes are already rampant today, Goodman theorizes that things will get worse with the proliferation of surveillance cameras, geo-location services, RFID tags, and wireless networking technology. The point is crystal clear: each technology innovation increases the attack surface, and cybercriminals are only too happy to exploit these vulnerabilities for profit.

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