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Black Hat survey reveals a disconnect between losses and security program focus

Discussion in 'Network World' started by RSS, Sep 3, 2015.

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    I started to review the recently published Black Hat Attendee Survey. This study primarily focused on the concerns of practitioners, including how they actually spent their times and the losses that they incurred.

    In another article, I will try to compare those concerns with the actual conference content. For now though, the most notable statistic is the prominence of awareness related concerns, as a pain point for security professionals.

    Clearly, the news media and study after study indicate that attackers target poor awareness on the part of end users and administrators. It has been reported that spearphishing was behind the Sony and TV5Monde attacks. The Sony results are well known. The TV5Monde attack was originally credited to ISIS sympathizers and the fact that TV5Monde actually televised many of their passwords while broadcasting an interview from their studios. Passwords were written on a white board in the background. Whether the attack was the result of televised passwords or spearphishing, it is still a result of user actions.

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