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Black Hat SEO campaign powered by SQL Injection

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Jan 12, 2016.

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    A new threat advisory from Akamai highlights a Black Hat SEO campaign that's leveraging SQL Injection as a means to generate links to website dedicated to stories about cheating.

    The shady SEO campaign can be considered a success too, because the domain benefiting from the inbound links is still the top listing for the primary keywords.

    The website behind the campaign, or at least the website that has gained the most from it, wasn't listed in the Akamai report. Salted Hash did some digging, and it didn't take long to discover the website in question; storyofcheating[dot]com.

    At one point, Akamai says, the Black Hat SEO campaign included more than 3,800 websites and 348 unique IP addresses. Technically, the campaign is more mass defacement than straight-up SEO scam, because the primary focus was SQL Injection.

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