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Bigfoot data: Disney patent to track visitors by their shoes

Discussion in 'Network World' started by RSS, Aug 6, 2016.

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    We are truly in the era of all-encompassing analytics. Today, everything you click on, everything you post, where you go, what you purchase, and who you’re connected to are all data points to be captured, categorized, cross-indexed, tabulated, and analyzed. “O! M! G!” you may be muttering “Will surveillance never end?” Sure it will end. When hell freezes over. Nope, the surveillance cat is out of the bag, the monitoring pigeon has flown the coup, and the privacy bridge has been burnt. Welcome to the future.

    As if to underline that reality, the latest foray into quantifying you, has just been patented by Disney. In a recent filing titled System and method using foot recognition to create a customized guest experience, the company that bought you “a people trap run by a rat” (I kid you with love, Disney) has raised (lowered?) the bar on knowing who you are by proposing that they will track you by looking at ... wait for it ... your footwear.

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