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Best 6 free DNS services 2016 – boost Internet performance and security

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Jan 5, 2016.

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    Any attentive business or home user will quickly change their Internet Service Provider if throughput or availability is not up to scratch and yet few realise they can do exactly the same thing with the 'name servers' resolving the global Domain Name System (DNS). Doing this costs nothing and the benefits in terms of improved performance and security can be significant and yet few bother. Most users continue to take DNS for granted, unaware of the hidden bottlenecks of ISP services and potential for improvement.

    Put very simply, the job of DNS name servers is to resolve public web addresses or domains to their underlying TCP/IP addresses. This sounds like a straightforward process but there are a number of variables that affect performance. The most obvious of these is simply the round trip time between the client device and the DNS server itself, which will depend on geographical proximity as well as response times from any other DNS infrastructure involved in a query.

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