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Attorney general and NSA director pitch cyber-security industry for cooperation

Discussion in 'Network World' started by RSS, Mar 2, 2016.

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    U.S. Cyber Command chief and NSA director Admiral Michael Rogers and United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch both took the stage at the RSA Security Conference in San Francisco yesterday to appeal for cooperation with the cyber-security industry.

    Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter will keynote later today and probably will make a similar appeal. The nation’s most powerful national security, defense and law enforcement leaders speaking to the largest security conference reveal Washington’s urgent desire to mend and deepen relationships with the security industry.

    Overtures that it was possible to protect citizens’ security without violating their privacy were repeated frequently and sounded like Lynch and Rogers were using the same playbook. They also repeated partnership offers to the 35,000 representatives of cybersecurity companies attending the RSA conference. But neither ventured to offer any specifics or explained how transparency would prevent the partnerships from devolving into new Snowden-like revelations of mass surveillance if the public-private cooperation becomes too close.

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