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An update to SafeSearch options for network administrators

Discussion in 'Google Online Security Blog' started by RSS, Mar 24, 2015.

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    Security and privacy are top priorities for Google. We’ve invested a lot in making our products secure, including strong SSL encryption by default for Search, Gmail and Drive. We’re working to further extend encryption across all our services, ensuring that your connection to Google is private.

    For some time, we’ve offered network administrators the ability to require the use of SafeSearch by their users, which filters out explicit content from search results; this is especially important for schools. However, using this functionality has meant that searches were sent over an unencrypted connection to Google. Unfortunately, this has been the target of abuse by other groups looking to snoop on people’s searches, so we will be removing it as of early December.

    Going forward, organizations can require SafeSearch on their networks while at the same time ensuring that their users’ connections to Google remain encrypted. (This is in addition to existing functionality that allows SafeSearch to be set on individual browsers and to be enabled by policy on managed devices like Chromebooks.) Network administrators can read more about how to enable this new feature here.

    Posted by Brian Fitzpatrick, Engineering Director
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