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9 killer gifts for PC gamers

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Nov 23, 2015.

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    If you thought a box of Hot Pockets, a two-liter bottle of Shasta, and a Rush mix tape are the only things a gamer needs in life, you’re wrong.

    Gamers need gifts, too—but unfortunately, they’re not an easy lot to shop for. Fear not, for our gift guide should give you some great tips on can’t-lose gifts for the gamer in your life. From a new video card to the gear they’ll need to get their YouTube career off the ground, we’ve rounded up the best gifts any gamer would want.

    Half-Life 2 Gordon Freeman HEV Suit Hoodie

    The greatest game series of all time is arguably Valve’s Half-Life, and now your gamer can pay homage to this classic while staying warm with his or her own $70 Half-Life 2 Gordon Freeman HEV Suit hoodie. Stolen right from the laundry department of the Black Mesa labs, it mimics the Hazardous Environment worn by Gordon Freeman, the hero of the franchise.

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