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7 high-tech gadgets for wine, beer and cocktail lovers

Discussion in 'CSO' started by RSS, Nov 21, 2015.

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    People have been drinking wine for 8,000 years. Beer goes back 5,000 years. Distilled spirits, about 2,000 years. That’s 15,000 collective years of drink hacking, yet in 2015 we’re still finding new ways to improve the basic boozing experience.

    Beer pong was a bright idea, but the following seven gadgets speak to real innovation. They’re all imbued with clever engineering, and should appeal to the nerdier, geekier drinkers among us.

    Coravin Model Two

    Coravin is a must for anyone who’s serious about collecting—and drinking—wine. Using a medical grade needle, this “wine access” system lets you pour a glass of vino without ever disturbing the cork in any meaningful (let alone negative) way. The upshot is you can enjoy a glass of your most precious wine today, and then have a second glass six months from now. And then a third glass in 2017. And so on.

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