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Passenger 5 (Nginx) 5.0.28

Phusion Passenger is a multi-language (Ruby, Python, Node) web & app server integrated into Nginx.

  1. sbagmeijer
    This package is no longer maintained, you can now install passenger as a nginx module:

    yum/dnf install ulyaoth-nginx ulyaoth-nginx-module-passenger5

    yum/dnf install ulyaoth-nginx-mainline ulyaoth-nginx-mainline-module-passenger5

    Now available in my repository is: ulyaoth-nginx-passenger

    Stable Nginx Version: 1.10.0
    Mainline Nginx Version: 1.9.15
    Modules: GeoIP, http/2, HeadersMore

    How to install:
    Click on the "Download Now" button in the top to install my repository.

    and then:
    Stable Nginx with Passenger 5:
    $ sudo yum install ulyaoth-nginx-passenger5
    $ sudo yum install ulyaoth-nginx-passenger5-selinux
    Mainline Nginx with Passenger 5:
    $ sudo yum install ulyaoth-mainline-nginx-passenger5
    $ sudo yum install ulyaoth-nginx-mainline-passenger5-selinux
    Important step for RHEL 6 users:
    You have to install EPEL for GeoIP:
    For RHEL 7:
    You probably need the optional repository, you can add this with the yum repository manager it is called "rhel-7-server-optional-rpms.

    Github: (Source & Spec files)

    Bug Reporting: