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Go 1.7.1

The Go Programming Language

  1. sbagmeijer
    Compatible Linux Versions:
    • Fedora 19
    • Fedora 20
    • Fedora 21
    • Fedora 22
    • Fedora 23
    • Fedora 24
    • Scientific Linux 6
    • Scientific Linux 7
    • RHEL 6
    • RHEL 7
    • CentOS 6
    • CentOS 7
    • Oracle Linux 6
    • Oracle Linux 7
    • Amazon Linux
    How to install:
    Click on the "Download Now" button in the top to install my repository.

    and then:
    $ sudo yum install ulyaoth-go
    Fedora 22+:
    $ sudo dnf install ulyaoth-go
    About this package:
    All this package does is simply untar the official downloadable package from the go website to /usr/local/go

    I needed a more fast way of installing go and a way to update it, so there is nothing special about this rpm.

    If you feel you can improve the spec file please do so.

    How to create a build environment with the Ulyaoth Go rpms:

    Go Course: (Created by Todd McLeod)

    Github: (Source & Spec files)

    Bug Reporting:


Recent Updates

  1. Updated Go to 1.7.1.
  2. Updated to Go 1.7.
  3. Updated Go to 1.6.3.