Gaming AI

The beautiful and amazing single player games such as Doom III, Deus Ex 2 and Unreal 2 were the games with captivating gameplays and were focused solely on the offline single play and offered little to no support for multiplayer mode. [...]

Social Media

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A while back I found this funny piece of code for ruby applications that adds an "X-Chuck-Norris" header to all your site requests. I changed the coding to make it so that it adds an "X-One-Piece" header to every request with One Piece qoutes. [...]

Nginx JSON Logging

This post is again more a reminder for myself but it might help someone else. To get Nginx to log in JSON format you have to add the following to "nginx.conf" under the http bit: [...]

Nginx SSL Example

This post is more of a reminder for myself but it might help others, it shows a example of how to setup a good vhost with SSL support that gives a A+ rating with a (100/95/100/100) score. [...]